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  • Safe Harbor Society
    Safe Harbor Society
  • Come Meet Us
    Come Meet Us

    We'd love to show you around the Harbor and answer any questions you may have about who we are and what we do!

  • Ask Us Out
    Ask Us Out

    Hear our presentations! We are always ready to speak to groups about ways that they can engage with our kids!

  • Be A Buddy
    Be a Buddy

    Give quality time! Quality time matters for our kids. We need volunteers that can spend consistent, quality time in our homes!

  • Help our teens get jobs
    Help our teens get jobs!

    Is your company hiring? Our teens could use a "real world" opportunity.

  • Give household goods
    Give Household Goods

    Drop off a sofa or table! As ecstatic as they are to finally turn 18, it isn't long before our kids realize that an empty apartment is not a home. Gifting gently used appliances or furniture will help our kids create a space that feels like their own.

  • Stock the pantry
    Stock the Pantry

    Donate food to our pantry! Host a drive to help us stock our food pantry! As our teens learn how to live on a budget for the very first time, our food pantry provides a safe resource for them year-round. We also use the pantry to help families in crisis across Broward County.

  • bring the party
    Bring the Party

    Get the party started! Plan and host a fun experience for our kids on or off campus!

  • celebrate with us
    Celebrate With Us

    Sponsor a party or baby shower! Be part of our "birthday brigade" and sponsor a child's birthday party or baby shower!

  • sponsor an event
    Sponsor an Event

    Create unforgettable experiences! Gift a trip or fun experience so our kids can enjoy the childhood experiences that every child deserves to have! Every positive memory that our kids have the chance to create plays a pivotal role in their personal healing.

    Have more questions

    Have more questions?

    Ready to get involved?


    954-252-3072 ext. 210