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Established in 1996, Children’s Harbor is a nationally accredited child welfare organization with a mission to provide safe harbor and support to at-risk children and youth, while helping families in our community through whatever life throws at them.

  • We believe that children should feel safe.
  • We believe that family is worth fighting for.
  • We believe that cycles can be broken.
  • Our kids come to us broken.

On their own, children cannot recover from the devastating impact of abuse and neglect. They need specialized support to heal.

Our team of therapists immediately wrap our kids with support so they may begin to heal from their trauma. Our life coaches provide one-to-one mentorship through evidence-based life skills programming to ensure that our teens graduate from high school and remain on track with their goals.

Where there is light there is hope... and hope can restore a childhood.

Our kids come to us broken
Did you know


  • 3x higher high school dropout rates for foster youth than other at-risk children.
  • Over 40% of youth in foster care have changed schools five or more times, causing them to fall behind academically.
  • Less than ½ of youth in foster care nationwide end up finishing high school.
  • 80% of children in foster care struggle with major depression, anxiety, and/or PTSD, compared to approximately 20% of their peers.
  • 90% of our kids have maintained and/or improved academically.

Trauma has a profound impact on a child’s academic performance. Because of the trauma they have experienced, our kids tend to struggle academically. For this reason, we added the Academic & Life Skills team to our continuum of care.


“We do everything that we can to shine light back into the lives of kids who have been impacted by the trauma of child abuse.”

Tiffani Dhooge President/CEO GIVE HOPE TO CHILDREN